Court Schedule: Thursday, September 28, 2023

Duty Magistrate Judge
Week of September 25, 2023: Craig M. Straw
Week of October 2, 2023: Richard A. Lloret

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Time Case Number and Caption Judge City Courtroom Hearing Type
09/28/2023 09:00AM22-cv-2606: STATE FARM FIRE & CASUALTY COMEDWARD SMITHEastonEaston 4th FloorSettlement Conference
09/28/2023 09:30AM23-cv-1140: HOOVER v. ROSENBERGER NORTH AMPAMELA CARLOS Telephone ConferenceStatus Conference/Hearing
09/28/2023 09:30AM23-cv-0942: LINDSEY v. ALLSTATE INDEMNITY NITZA QUINONES ALEJANDROPhiladelphiaCourtroom 5BArbitration Hearing
09/28/2023 10:00AM22-cv-3989: ZERO TECHNOLOGIES, LLC v. THE KELLEY HODGEPhiladelphiaCourtroom 13BMotion Hearing
09/28/2023 10:00AM23-cr-0399: USA v. MURRELLMARK KEARNEYPhiladelphiaCourtroom 6BInitial Appearance
09/28/2023 10:00AM22-cv-4816: GARRETSON v. METROLINA GREENHOCHAD KENNEYPhiladelphiaCourtroom 11BConference
09/28/2023 10:00AM23-cv-2120: INCLINE CASUALTY COMPANY v. DACHAD KENNEYPhiladelphiaCourtroom 11BStatus Conference/Hearing
09/28/2023 10:00AM23-cv-0104: LIGHT v. DELOITTE TAX, LLPMIA PEREZPhiladelphiaCourtroom 6AStatus Conference/Hearing
09/28/2023 10:00AM23-cv-0843: NELSON v. SPARK THERAPEUTICS, SCOTT REIDPhiladelphiaCourtroom 3CSettlement Conference
09/28/2023 10:00AM22-cv-4314: MITLAS et al v. LIEBERMAN et aCRAIG STRAWPhiladelphiaCourtroom 3GSettlement Conference
09/28/2023 10:30AM09-cr-0612: USA v. MATTHEWSGENE PRATTERPhiladelphiaCourtroom 10BRevocation Superv Rls-FinalHrg
09/28/2023 11:00AM22-cv-0771: B.S. INGERSOLL, LLC v. GREAT AJOHN PADOVAPhiladelphiaCourtroom 17BMotion Hearing
09/28/2023 01:00PM22-cv-1464: JACOBSON v. CITY OF PHILADELPHR. SURRICKPhiladelphiaCourtroom 8AMotion Hearing
09/28/2023 01:30PM23-cv-1051: HANNA et al v. PALISADES PROPEJOHN GALLAGHERAllentownAllentownStatus Conference/Hearing
09/28/2023 01:30PM22-cr-0413: USA v. NEWSOME-BOSTICKRICHARD LLORETPhiladelphiaCourtroom 5AArraignment
09/28/2023 01:30PM23-cr-0410: USA v. INFANTERICHARD LLORETPhiladelphiaCourtroom 5AArraignment
09/28/2023 01:30PM23-cr-0410: USA v. AMONTERICHARD LLORETPhiladelphiaCourtroom 5ADetention Hearing
09/28/2023 02:00PM20-cr-0309: USA v. AFOLABIPAUL DIAMONDPhiladelphiaCourtroom 14ASentencing
09/28/2023 02:00PM23-cv-1651: TRAVELERS PROPERTY CASUALTY COJOHN GALLAGHERAllentownAllentownPretrial Conference/Hearing
09/28/2023 02:00PM23-cv-2097: D. et al v. UHS OF DOYLESTOWN,GERALD PAPPERTPhiladelphiaCourtroom 11AMotion Hearing
09/28/2023 02:00PM19-cv-6019: IN RE WAWA, INC. DATA SECURITYGENE PRATTERPhiladelphiaCourtroom 10BMotion Hearing
09/28/2023 04:00PM23-cv-0891: STRINGFIELD v. JEFFERSON METHOJOEL SLOMSKY Telephone ConferenceFinal Pretrial Conference