Welcome to Electronic Case Filing 101

The Electronic Case Filing (ECF) Tutorial is designed for attorneys interested in learning how to use the CM/ECF system. Through guided practice, using simulated CM/ECF screens and actions, you will learn how to file pleadings and other materials using the CM/ECF system.

The tutorial consists of five modules, each of which contains sections that guide you through specific CM/ECF functions such as how to file an answer or how to create a cases filed report.

If you are a new CM/ECF user, you should begin with Module 1 and continue to the end of Module 5. Since this is a self paced tutorial, you can work at your own pace. At any point in the tutorial, you can bookmark your place and return when and where it is convenient to you. The entire module will take you less than one hour to complete.

To begin, select one of the section links below.

Module 1: Orientation   Module 4: Queries

About Electronic Case Filing   Run a query
How to use this Tutorial    
Navigating Electronic Case Filing   Module 5: Special Routines
    Creating/adding a new party
Module 2: Filings   Joint filing with other attorneys
    Setting up email notification
Filing an answer to a complaint   Frequently Asked Questions
Filing a motion  
Filing a response with an attachment   Working with PDF Documents
Module 3: Reports   Get Acrobat Reader
View a docket sheet   Privacy Issues
View a cases filed report    
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